In the framework of its 2018-2020 Action Plan, the Board of EAS SEGAS CYCLADES decided to become active on European level by participating in ERASMUS + SPORT, an EU-funded program focused on sports. 


The representation of EAS SEGAS CYCLADES in the ERASMUS+SPORT INFO DAY 2019 in Brussels on the 5th of February 2019, in which potential partners from 35 other countries participated, resulted in the approval of 3 European projects for the next 3 years (2019-2022).

The aims of EAS SEGAS CYCLADES in Europe start with innovative activities for young people and sports in Cyclades.

The projects are the following:

  1. “DCJA – Dual Career for Junior Athletes project” -Young athletes and their support through technology in dual career and education and sports balance. (Collaborative Project, 2020-2022)
  2. “SARU: Sports Ambassadors in Rural Areas”- Sports in disadvantaged rural areas, the promotion of outdoor sports through “Sports Ambassador” in the islands (Small Collaborative Project, 2020-2021)
  3. “AUR: Soft Skills through Sport for Active Youth The promotion of education in soft skills through sports and for sports aimed at young people 15-20 years old (Small Collaborative Project, 2020-2021)

It is extremely important to stress that while EAS SEGAS CYCLADES participated in ERASMUS+ SPORT for the first time, its contribution was accepted by a number of leader organizations. European cooperation with countries such as Poland, Italy, Portugal, Romania, and Hungary is currently under way.


Following the participation in ERASMUS+SPORT INFO DAY 2020 in Brussels on the 30th/01/2020 with a delegation, EAS SEGAS CYCLADES managed to expand its European network and contribute significant input to 4 more projects which were submitted in the Call for Collaborative and Small Collaborative Projects. After the announcement of the results by the EACEA, EAS SEGAS CYCLADES succeed in being a partner in the following top-scored Collaborative Project: (

SmatchS: Sports organizations Matching Social inclusion issues» (2021-2023) aiming at the improvement of social inclusion, especially for migrant children through sports.

EAS SEGAS CYCLADES will continue to work for the promotion of athletics in Cyclades, improving its expertise and experience on a European level and aspiring to give its athletes, coaches, volunteers and administrative staff as well as to the general public the benefits of being members of the worldwide sports family.